We are working to preserve the historic Japanese "KOMINKA".
It is important to inherit good things.
We will also convey the wonderful culture of Japan to the United States.
For the children of the future

-What is "KOMINKA"?-

KOMINKA is a house that has been built 50 years ago and is called "KOMINKA" in Japan.
KOMINKA uses very good craftsmanship.
Japanese wooden architecture has a long history, and there are still buildings over 1300 years old.
"KOMINKA" is a wonderful building that can be left in the future.

-Solid structure-

KOMINKA uses abundant wood that is no longer available, such as cherry trees and zelkova trees.
We are reusing reusable materials to promote eco-friendly construction.
This architecture requires craftsmanship.

-Japanese traditional culture-

You can take off your shoes and lay tatami mats on KOMINKA to relax.
Rush is used for tatami mats and has a pleasant scent.
Japanese people have a culture of building houses for customers and doing "OMOTENASHI".